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  • Pide

    Pide is a traditional flatbread with different kinds of toppings that can be found in most regions in Türkiye. 

    Pide has a rich culture in our country. The kneading of the dough varies from region to region in term of the materials used and the style of presentation. The pide gets its flavor from the stone oven in which it is cooked. It can be made with various materials such as minced meat, diced meat, cheese, herbed cheese, pastırma, egg, or a mixture of tahini, honey, and walnuts. It can be prepared as round, long and covered, or long and open, depending on the shape of the dough. It can be served with butter that is added after it comes out of the oven and/or with a slice of lemon and a pinch of parsley. It is a very nutritious and delicious meal with a salad and ayran.

    Pide has an important place in almost all regions but the most famous ones come from the Aegean, Black Sea, and Southeastern Türkiye.

    On the Aegean coast, it is possible to come across businesses that are famous for their pide in many parts of the region. Especially in Uşak, Tavas, Bozdoğan, Nazilli, Ödemiş, İzmir Kemeraltı, Çeşme, and Yenipazar (Aydın) one gets their full of delicious pides. Special pides that shouldn’t be missed are Tongül pide prepared with finely chopped parsley and Ödemiş cheese, which are famous in Ödemiş, and pide with tahini in Tavas.

    Black Sea Türkiye is also famous for its pides. They are topped with local cheeses, garlic, minced meat, diced meat, and eggs. The most famous pide comes from the province of Samsun. The filling and the dough are prepared differently than in other regions: pre-cooked minced beef and onions are prepared for the filling and after adding them, the dough is formed like a closed pocket and called kapalı pide, referring to its shape. It is cooked in a stone oven. Some special pide varieties are named after the towns in the Black Sea Türkiye that have made them famous such as Bafra pidesiÇarşamba pidesi, Terme pidesiTrabzon pidesi, Tirebolu pidesi, Görele pidesi, Espiye pidesi, Rize yuvarlak pidesi, and Ordu yağlısı.