Black Sea

Situated up north of the country, the region gets its name from the Black Sea, which lies next. Here in this beautiful region, the climate is temperate, with plenty of rainfall each season, creating lush green plateaus in these mountainous lands. The land is not suitable for farming; hence the most commonly consumed products include corn, anchovies, savoury cabbages, tea, cheeses, butter and a breakfast speciality called Kuymak.

Ordu and Giresun are the stars of hazelnut production, while Trabzon, Rize, and Artvin are the leading tea production centres of the country. Kastamonu is famous for its pastrami, Çekme Helva, wild mushrooms, and the most ancient bulgur wheat type in the world: Siyez bulguru.

What awaits you here:

  • Star dishes featuring fresh anchovies like Hamsi Pilav, Hamsi Tava, Hamsi Dolması
  • Rich seafood varieties consumed with plenty of homemade cornbread
  • Vakfıkebir Sourdough Bread and many other bread varieties made in tandoors
  • Delicious soups and dishes made with kale and cabbage
  • Kuymak: a local breakfast delicacy made with locally produced organic butter, flour, and regional cheese

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