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  • Gastronomy GoTürkiye

    Turkish cuisine is one of the most varied and richest in the world. Türkiye is on the crossroads of Europe and Asia, East and West. This unique location combined with the migration of Turks over the centuries from Central Asia to Europe has shaped the identity of its gastronomy. The great diversity of fauna and flora in Türkiye has also contributed to the great variety in regional cuisines. Almost every region in Türkiye offers its own gastronomic experience and they all await you to discover them!

    Turkish breakfast

    Turkish breakfast isn’t just a meal, it’s an experience. Designed to be social, shared, and savored, Turkish breakfast consists of many small plates both sweet and savory, accompanied by bread and graced with çay (Turkish black tea) served in traditional tulip-shaped glass cups.

    Turkish street food

    Although Türkiye’s culinary scene offers a vast selection of local and international restaurants, Turkish street food is also very tasty and fun! Throughout İstanbul and the rest of the country, street food culture is a pervasive and common thread of everyday life.

    fine dining

    in Türkiye

    İstanbul, a metropolis of both Türkiye and the world, is a gastronomic epicenter. Here you can find and taste the best of local flavors from across Türkiye.

    unique foods & drinks

    in Türkiye

    Ezine peyniri: Ezine cheese, mostly produced around the region with the same name in Çanakkale, can be made using cow, goat, or sheep’s milk.

    meze culture

    in Türkiye

    The word “meze” derives from the Persian word “maza,” meaning “taste.” Meze in Türkiye is a way of life around the table, it is spending long hours in the company of loved ones.

    days of harvest

    in Türkiye

    Autumn in the harvest season in Türkiye, when many of the crops that are grown are picked and processed for the rest of the year. Olives, saffron, chestnuts, grapes, hazelnuts, tea, and more all have their harvest seasons.

    healthy Turkish cuisine

    Turkish cuisine is inherently healthy and highly seasonal, with many dishes being built around the multitude of fresh produce available.

    UNESCO creative cities network

    Türkiye has ratified most international agreements and conventions related to the conservation of cultural and natural heritage, the most relevant here being the UNESCO 1972 World Heritage Convention (18 inscribed sites)



    Türkiye offers numerous gastro routes to take your taste buds on a spectacular gastronomic journey. Immerse yourself fully in the food traditions, taste local delicacies and discover Türkiye’s rich culinary heritage!

    slow food


    The Slow Food movement not only encourages people to take the time to prepare and eat whole, locally sourced foods, but it also aims to preserve culture and heritage, which are slowly being erased by fast foods “instant gratification” mindset.

    Turkish recipes

    Gözleme is a flatbread with a savory filling. It requires a lot of mastery to roll the dough to its required thinness to make the tastiest and crispiest gözleme.