Delicious Routes

Turkish cuisine, renowned for its rich flavours and diverse offerings, is deeply intertwined with the country’s vibrant culture and history. Each region of Türkiye boasts its culinary specialities, influenced by its climate, geography, and cultural heritage. For travellers and food enthusiasts alike, exploring Türkiye through its "delicious routes" offers an immersive way to experience the country's gastronomic diversity and scenic beauty. Here are some captivating culinary journeys to consider:

Kars Cheese Route

In the chilly climes of Eastern Türkiye, Kars stands as a bastion of cheese-making. This route introduces travellers to the artisanal cheese varieties that have shaped the local culture. Visitors can explore small-scale dairies and ageing caves, discovering how the region’s harsh weather and pastoral traditions contribute to the unique flavours of cheeses like the renowned Kars gravyer. This route offers cheese tasting and includes visits to historical sites, blending gastronomy with the rich history of Kars.

Olive Tree Route

Winding through the sun-soaked landscapes of Aegean Türkiye, the Olive Tree Route showcases the ancient and essential role olives play in Turkish life. The journey takes enthusiasts through olive groves that are centuries old, leading to mills where the fruit is transformed into golden oil. Each stop offers a taste of different olive varieties and the rich, fruity oils stapled in Turkish kitchens. This route also provides insights into the sustainable practices and the cultural significance of olive cultivation in the Aegean region.

Vineyards of Anatolia

Anatolia's sprawling vineyards are the heart of Türkiye’s wine country, where unique grape varietals thrive in the fertile soils. The Vineyards of Anatolia route offers a picturesque tour of local wineries, where ancient techniques meet modern innovation. Travellers can sample indigenous grape varieties like Narince and Öküzgözü, learning about the winemaking process and the regional characteristics that influence the bouquet and taste of each wine. This route is not just a tasting journey but a deep dive into the ancient viticultural heritage of Türkiye.

Turkish Tea Route

The lush, verdant slopes of the Black Sea region are home to Türkiye’s beloved black tea gardens. The Turkish Tea Route takes visitors on a scenic tour of tea plantations, from the steep terraced gardens to the bustling tea houses where the brew is enjoyed in traditional tulip-shaped glasses. This journey reveals the intricate process of tea production, from leaf picking to brewing, and highlights the social rituals surrounding tea drinking in Turkish culture.

Each route offers a unique perspective on Türkiye’s culinary artistry and regional products. Travelling these delicious routes provides an enriching experience that connects visitors with the local traditions, people, and landscapes of Türkiye, making every meal a deeper dive into the soul of Turkish cuisine. 

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