Gourmet Shopping

Turkish cuisine draws its strength from fresh, locally grown, organic, and high-quality ingredients and produce. To find the best kind, head to one of the local tradesmen’s bazaars that are held all around the country at regular intervals. On top of these bazaars, you can also find specialized shops in the central areas where you can shop for local, handmade, delicious cheese, wine, Turkish delights with all flavours, cured meat products, fish and seafood varieties, dried fruits and products from Malatya and Gaziantep pistachios and nuts, Turkish coffee and tea, delicious souvenirs and more. Türkiye is heaven for gourmet travellers, and you are invited for a delicious shopping experience!

Backstreets of Istanbul and many other Turkish cities and towns await you for a culinary adventure. If you are new in town, spotting the best restaurants, markets, and shops can be one of the most fun activities to do. Check out the freshest produce in local bazaars, grab a bite at a small diner run by hospitable locals, or go for wine tasting at a vineyard on sunset. Türkiye offers plenty of culinary tours to choose from!