Rich Seafood Culture of the Turkish Peninsula

The cuisine of Türkiye is rich in seafood. Owing much to its vast coastal regions, seafood abounds throughout the country. Surrounded by sea on three sides and home to large rivers, streams and lakes, this peninsula hides a different taste in every corner! The dishes brought from sea to table for centuries come to life with a diverse menu and flavour in each region. There are various techniques and recipes to bring these delicacies to the table. Discover some of the finest examples from the rich seafood culture of the Turkish peninsula!


Who doesn't love it when the fish is simmered, and it hides its flavour like a treasure chest? Time will stop for you while you wait for the fish to be steamed with the vegetables of your choice. When it's done, the delicious aroma it exudes is guaranteed to blow your mind! This method, which may differ according to the fish type or size, is commonly used by people who desire to utilise all parts of the fish and waste nothing.

Midye Dolma

Midye dolma or stuffed mussels has a special place in Turkish cuisine. Of course, there is a reason why the locals consume kilos of mussels in one sitting! Mussels have a unique fragrance and suppleness when coupled with a particular spicy rice combination. The mussel, which can be called a taste bomb with the lemon squeezed, creates an impact that makes you want to crave and come back for more. We advise you to be careful, for it can be addictive!


This fish cooking method looks so incredible that it may be dubbed the art of fish cooking. The fish is carefully put in the pan after being well-cleaned and marinated with flour and spices. One cannot pass without mentioning plenty of cornmeal too. Anchovy, one of the most important flavours of the Black Sea region, attracts those who wait for its smell and sound while it is slowly fried in sizzling oil. As a result, it's unavoidable that your hunger will soar to new heights!

Balık Turşusu

The history of balık turşusu (pickled fish), one of the oldest examples of Turkish culture, dates back to the Ottoman Empire. Pickles are a must-try in Türkiye since they are one of the rarest members of the palace cuisine's extensive seafood selection. This method of pickling fish, which has several health benefits, gives the fish an entirely distinct flavour when blended with several veggies and plenty of oil. It's time consuming and tedious work to make the pickle. Clean fish is piled in layers using a particular mixture after it has been cleaned and fried in olive oil. You'll be astonished at how excellent the taste turns out with this traditional technique.

Balık Çorbası

Would you like to reward yourself with some fish soup when you feel tired? You are faced with an incredibly healthy, very nutritious and delicious soup. The scent will be overpowering as all it is cooked with various delicious veggies. Although swallow, scorpion, and sea bass are commonly used for this dish in restaurants, you may use whatever type of fish you choose when preparing it at home. Adding plenty of lemon juice and black pepper is recommended to enhance the taste. Don’t forget to serve it warm!


A warm appetiser is frequently served with Güveç or fish casserole, a must-have for fish tables. The burst of flavours on your tongue will make this delicious and popular meal unforgettable for you! There are several types of casseroles such as shrimp casserole or squid casseroles. Shrimps are meaty and healthy, cooked in butter with garlic and topped with hot chilli flakes. The motherly smell of its scent and the warmth of the dish distinguish this platter noticeably from the rest. Its taste makes those who try it happy as if they have never eaten a better plate of shrimp before. This dish leaves its flavour on the güveç, an earthenware plate, so you can dip some bread in those delicious juices!

Deniz Mahsüllü Salata

Want to give yourself a healthy surprise today? Deniz mahsüllü salata (seafood salad) is among the renowned starting points for fresh and healthy meals in Turkish cuisine. They are prepared with ingredients from Türkiye's rich turquoise waters and seasoned with the most refined olive oil. You'll have moments where each mouthful has a distinct level of thrill. You can accompany your salad with particular seafood tastes such as octopus, crab, lobster, shrimp and squid. With some Mediterranean salad dressing, your meal will be refreshing, and your palate will thank you for choosing such a healthy yet tasty dish!


Tarama is a handy appetiser to create, as it dazzles all visitors with the colour it brings to the table. You will get a lot of questions about how to make this appetiser, which will be the highlight of special days. The unique harmony of caviar, its main ingredient, with onion, garlic, and plenty of olive oil, adds an entirely different flavour to the meals. This appetiser, which goes well with practically any dinner, is widely enjoyed in Türkiye particularly in the Aegean and the Mediterranean. Visitors should not miss this world-famous appetiser!


As the winter months approach, fish flavoured by the sea's soothing waves will bring delight to the tables where you and your loved ones sit for a delicious meal. This delectable appetiser will be great with red onion, toasted bread, and lemons since it is made with bonito and toric, the most delicious fish of chilly waters. Lakerda undergoes a two-week fermenting process before reaching the table. You'll appreciate every bite and the amount of effort put into making this delicious dish.


You will surely want a taste of this appetiser, which is both simple to make and has a distinct, tempting flavour. It's known as the 'comfort meal' of its admirers. Pilaki cooked with vegetables like onions, garlic, carrots, and tomatoes is typically served cold. You can prepare this dish in the oven or on the stove as per your liking. After cooking, it melts on the tongue in the first mouthful and leaves a delicious aftertaste. Each taste of this delicacy, served with cornbread on the side, produces a lengthy period of enjoyment which will never disappoint!

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