Turkaegean tastes along Coast of Happiness

Located by the Aegean Sea that names the region, this part of Türkiye pampers you with fresh ingredients cooked in healthy ways like grilling or boiling. The Aegean is Türkiye’s answer to vegans and vegetarians, as you can find the most vegetarian-friendly dishes in this region. It is booming with vegetable-based platters featuring plenty of olive oil produced in the region.

Speaking of olives, some of the highest quality olive oil is produced in the Aegean region. The oldest olive tree in Türkiye and possibly in the world, dating 3000 years back, is found in Milas and Muğla in the Aegean region.

Wine production and viticulture is another significant occupation pertaining to the region, with over 50% of the whole country’s wine production. Grape varieties grown here include local ones such as Boğazkere,  Bornova Misketi, Sultaniye, Urla Karası, and international ones like Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, and Merlot.

While the coastal Aegean region is blooming with flowers and picturesque views, the inner Aegean region offers some of the best soup made with Uşak Tarhana, cherries and sour cherries, pastries with poppyseed, clotted cream, and spicy sausage called Sucuk.

What awaits you here:

  • Locally grown fresh vegetables and produce mainly olives, grapes, poppy seeds, and aniseed
  • Numerous endemic and wild herbs handpicked, dried, and sold by local women and Türkiye’s biggest herb festival taking place in late March named Alaçatı Herb Festival
  • Sustainably caught fresh fish and healthy seafood varieties accompanied with vegetarian-friendly meze platters such as Kabak Çiçeği Dolması, Şevketi Bostan, Börülce, and Fava
  • Some of the most famous local cheese types, such as İzmir Tulum, Karaburnu Kopanisti, and Seferihisar Armola

To learn more about the culinary highlights of the Aegean region, visit here.

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